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Handy Hands is an unscented  hand or foot balm for big jobs!  This thick emmollient cream is for hands that are extra dry to the point of hardened  skin or splitting fingers.


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Product Description

Benefits of specific ingredients:  Lard is one of the good oils, a fantastic moisturizer and a miracle worker for dry skin.  Lard, as a natural healer,  helps cholesterol convert to Vitamin D so is very good for our bones.  As a natural fat it lubricates our joints so is especially healthy for hands and feet.  Sweet Almond Oil is rich in essential fatty acids, good for all skin type, is lightweight, mild and easily absorbed.  Shea butter is a super moisturizing oil that does not leave a greasy feel.  It is good for elasticity and softening and suitable for healing salves as well as sensitive, irritated or inflamed skin.  High in Lauric acid content, a good skin food and contains anti-oxidant E.  Cocoa Butter not only smells amazing, helps evens skin tone and returns luster to skin.  Shea Butter is  quickly absorbed, penetrates deep into the skin and doesn’t block pours.


Ingredients:  Purified  water, lard (100$ natural animal fat), sweet almond oil,  aloe vera gel, vegetable emulsifying wax, cocoa butter, shea butter, palm stearic acid, bees wax, arrowroot powder, borax, optiphen ( preservative).