Linda’s products solve rosacea issues after years of dermatological treatments.

Linda, For several years, my face has been suffering the

effects of rosacea.

The doctor had me on a twice a day medication to try and control the outbreaks. During this last summer, it had become even worse. My complexion was red and I was having constant outbreaks of rosacea bumps. I gave up on the medication as it was not doing any good. I was so embarrassed, it seemed like my nose was like Rudolph the Reindeer. In October, I visited a festival in Hamilton where you had a booth. Needing some daily moisturizer, I decided to inquire about your line of face products. After a conversation about several of them, I purchased the Mature Woman Night Cream and Daily Moisturizer. Within one week, there was a significant improvement in my complexion. It is now approximately one month later after starting the night cream and moisturizer and my face is no longer red! In addition, even after eating my favorite Mexican food, no bad breakouts! I am so happy. I can even go out without make-up now! Thank you so much for your advice.


Gloria MacDonell


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