Our natural, homemade soap is known for its colorful and design oriented presentation.  Each bar is oversized weighing between 5.5 to  6 ounces.  We produce our soap in small batches using the cold process method to preserve the integrity of the high quality, food grade oils which in turn are healthy for your skin.  Each batch will have a one of a kind unique artistic look. Our real soap is formulated to be non-drying, softening, exfoliating and healthy.  Our soaps have no petro chemicals, detergents, sulfates, alcohol solutions, parabens, foaming agents, or Phthalates.  Once you experience our homemade soap with its luxurious suds, you will never go back to sulfate based commercial products

 Milk Soaps (Goat Milk and Coconut Milk)

Oatmeal and Textures


Woodsy and Outdoor-Scents

Fruits and Foods

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