The Healthy Naturals philosophy for all their products lies in providing ‘healthy’ products that are good for your skin and your pocketbook. Feeding the skin, our largest organ, with natural food grade ingredients is our standard and we believe this approach is good for you and helps you rid those potentially toxic chemicals from your body care routine. Our lotions contain no phthalates, parabens, mineral oil, alcohol solutions, silicones, propylene glycol or other petro-chemicals. The owner and formulator, Linda White, keeps the ingredients to a minimum so that the customer can interpret clearly what they are using on their body, offering a product that is simple and effective. What we rub on our body is absorbed into our blood stream, so let’s make sure it’s not harmful.

Our body lotions are thick and emmollient, leaving your skin soft and renewed. Because they are all natural, you will notice a difference in how your skin feels for a long time after application. When used with natural soap, which also softens and moisturizers your skin, these lotions are formulated and manufactured in our small factory, so personal attention is given to each particular recipe.  We pride ourselves that all our products are make from scratch by us and nothing is a repackaged bulk item.

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