Nothing is more fun that learning to make your own cosmetics.  The Healthy Naturals promotes this with their educational classes in body care products.  In is not unusual for a student to take a class and continue by signing up for all of the classes Linda White teaches.   Classes are ‘hands on’, not demonstration so students make their own products for experience.  The classes include an e-book (also available to purchase), all materials, and lots of fun.  Many bring a friend or relative to learn together.  If you have a group and would like to set up a specific class, that can be arranged.

All classes are taught as a hands-on workshop.   Before creating and batching products, students spend time getting to know Linda and each other, and basic introductory material pertinent to the subject at hand.  Classes are held in Linda’s facility laboratory/kitchen, suitable for multiple students and comfortable interaction.   Students are always provided a handbook to take home, including recipes for more creations. 

Linda encourages student input and uses student’s question to tailor each class to the group’s interests, while teaching the class topic.  Bring your questions and prepare to engage your senses from the time you enter the room until the very end!

Supplies are included in each class and are high-quality food grade oils, additives, salts, herbs, and distilled water.  Equipment is typical of that found in your kitchen:  stainless steel bowls and hand blenders, spoons, coffee grinder, cooking pots, and measuring tools.

Length of class in hours is provided as a general guideline.  Classes may run a bit longer, and rarely, shorter.  Soap making classes require a minimum of 6 students.  Body care products classes require a minimum of 8 students.

Please contact Linda at for a current class schedule and to sign up.

  •   Bath and Body Basics:  Get those harmful chemicals out of your bathroom!  Learn to create natural bath and body products to promote healthy skin.  Classroom discuss centers on why you should use natural products, essential oil basics, the value of a skin care routine, and why it is important to indulge in hydrotherapy.  The class will receive and discuss the printed handbook of instructions for making toothpaste, deodorant, a shampoo bar, a hair rinse and bath oils.  Leave class with your own uniquely blended bath salts, body scrub and a bath bomb.    4-hour class includes all materials, $45.00


  •   Basic Soap Making:  In this hands-on class, students learn about the different oils that soap can be made of, the procedures for making successful batches, lye safety, and curing.  Information will be provided on additives and colorants, and students will be supplied several recipes to select from.  Students will make a batch of soap, about 30 ounces.  Depending on the size of the bars cut, each student will go with about six bars of soap.   5-hour class,  includes all materials $75.00


  •   Creams and Lotions:   This is a class everybody should take!  For a relatively low cost, you can formulate your owns creams and lotions that are all natural and healthy for your skin.  Students are coupled in class, making a batch of their choice, to share.  Two processes to create emulsions will be explained.  Students will also discuss the properties of oils, emulsifiers, and use of alternative liquids.  Students take home a jar of luxurious cream and a custom blended lotion.  4-hour class includes all the materials,  $65.00


  •   Body Butters and Balms:   Ever used a smooth lotion bar?  Now you can earn to make simple moisturizing lotion bars!   Carry this concept a little farther and learn to whip them into fluffy body butters.  Students will learn the differences between butters, balms, salves, and creams.  You will also review ingredient lists and learn their properties.   The highest quality carrier oils will be used.   As part of the creation process, you will learn about emulsifiers, thickeners, preservatives, and personalization of products.  Students take home a lotion bar and a body butter.   4 hour class includes all the materials, $45.00


  •   Advanced Soap Making: In advanced class, the students know how to make soap, so you work on learning design techniques for marbling and swirling soap, using alternative liquids such as goat’s milk or coffee, and gain a broader understanding of colorants.  You will also learn to formulate your own recipes for hardness and emolliency.    5-hour class includes all the materials, $ 65.00


  •   Natural Baby Care:   A baby’s skin is so sensitive; it only makes sense to use natural baby care products.  Students and teacher will discuss simple baby care techniques, reading product ingredients, ingredients to avoid, and local purchasing.  You will make a diaper rash paste that doesn’t sting little bottoms, and create a baby powder made from completely natural herbal powders and minerals.  More discussion will center on what to use for baby shampoo, sunscreen and baby oil.  Each student will also go home with a small jar of butt paste.   3 hour class includes all the materials, $ 35.00


  •   Developing Your Essentials Oils Medicine Cabinet:  After a short history on essential oils and discussion of oil “notes”, students will explore the more popular and common essential oils and their uses.  Treat simple health issues in a natural way.  Learn to develop your own essential oil medicine cabinet that is useful for the whole family.  Students will take home an aromatherapy rub with their choice of essential oils, and leave with a handbook providing recipes for several different types of rubs.   4-hour class includes all the materials, $45.00


  •   Natural Perfumery:    Perfumes can be developed to smell great, plus have aromatic benefits.  Learn to combine your favorite essential oils to develop three personal scents.   Blending tips will be provided for the students’ favorite fragrant oil.  Three different processes will be studied.  Learn some history of perfume,   the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils, and the value of aromatherapy.   Students will take home a solid perfume, a spray on perfume and a roll-on perfume, using three types of bases.   3 hour class includes all the materials, $45.00


  • Mineral Make-up:  Mineral make-up is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and an all natural sunscreen.  Students will gain an understanding of why they should “go mineral.”  Students will discuss color, application, tools, and ingredients.  Students will formulate and take home their own mineral foundation and mineral eye shadow, after discussing the five undertones of human skin.  Please bring your own small coffee grinder if you have one, and your current foundation for color matching.   4 hour class includes all the materials, $45.00


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